Prometheus – A geek’s perspective

Ok, I had nothing better do on Sunday morning, so I saw Prometheus. Read my review for ManipalBlog here. As from any movie, I had taken back a lot of stuff from it-not the usual ones though.

First, I have to address the origins issue. Yes, this movie delves deeply into existential bullshit. The basic thread this movie is weaved about, is the questioning of human existence, its origins. There were few scenes in the movie which did do justice to these tones- a few subtleties.There was this one moment- I paraphrase Noomi Rapace : ..and what if we know who made us? We will then want to know who made them.  There isn’t really an end to it, is there? I mean, finding the purpose of your existence and your creation is one thing. What then? Will the quest for the purpose of your creator begin? Does this really stop somewhere? Or is it a circle?  It is in my belief that the very questioning of our existence is what keeps us going. Once we find an answer to that, either our journey ends there and life is doomed, or it is but a beginning of another quest. It is weird that the very thing we are seeking is sustained by the act of seeking it.

Moving on, there are a lot of casual assumptions the movie has made. To most people, they are trivial and don’t even matter. But to an engineer like me, well. Coming to the point – just because the atmosphere of the distant planet is habitable and its atmosphere is close to that of the earth’s, they have assumed the gravity of the satellite to be the same as well. Should it necessarily be so? It is amusing and all seeing Charlize Theron run around like a normal human, but it’s just one of those ‘Consider x, where x lies between..’. Those deceptive kind of proofs, if you know what I mean. Agreed that the escape velocity of gases and atmosphere is related to the gravity on that planet. With as much as difference in gravity as that of our moon and earth, there is no atmosphere. But given that they generated the atmosphere and synthesized it, it would be way more cooler if the gravity on the surface had been cranked.

Oh, and I almost forgot. A most interesting observation, I loved to ponder about. There is this Alien ship, that is the ship of our creators on the hey-awesome planet over there, which looks like this:

Beware! Your boomerang might be secret UFO surveillance

After the ship is attacked aerially, it falls down to the ground.

The ship falls down to the ground.

That is when something beautiful happens. The ship crashes vertically and goes into a round of something like SHM and settles down-in a position we see every freaking day. We are so used to it that we take it for granted.

SHM, and then stable equilibrium.

This happens because, the state in which it settles is the state of lowest energy. If there is any energy lower than that, it would assume that position. But is it really necessary that the lowest energy state of the spaceship is the one we see everyday?! What if it was something like this:

A 3D counter-intuitive stable position would be kickass.

Cool right? C’mon Ridley Scott! Its time you showed us some real Blade Runner class.


Author: Lalith Nag

A confused 22 y/o trying to play his part in this enormous clockwork called earth. Apart from being a seasoned practioner of jujutsu and ninjutsu, I am a growth hacker, hustler and digital being!

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