The real Dilbert – a devout desire.


I saw this somewhere, the other day: If I were to bring one fictional character to life for a day, which one would it be, what would I do? Tough one. I thought, and thought about it.Since, it is impossible to narrow down to a few, I’ll stick with comics. Me being me, a long and nostalgic trip down memory lane was inevitable. One by one as they flashed by, the days we’ll ever cherish of all the wonderful comics I have read, looked up to, admired and enjoyed. After all, who wouldn’t want those awesome days back, that lazy sunday morning comic marathon, or that get together with friends, laughing your heart out at some cheap comics.

   It was a Sophie’s choice. However, since I happened to be an engineer, the one which I enjoy most and will enjoy most are Dilbert comics. And undoubtedly, he would be the one character I would bring alive for a day. For those of you who don’t know, Dilbert is the brainchild of Scott Adams, and this comics revolves around an engineer’s everyday chronicles in his workplace.It brilliantly depicts the problems faced by an engineer in everyday life, about the idio-syncracies of the lay person and how he tackles them.
Here’s one of his many cool comic strips, once you catch on to them, you will become a fan of Scott Adams too!

P.S. The one that almost made it would definitely be Calvin and Hobbes! Bill Watterson is definitely my hero, the panache and wit in the comics, will make you an instant fan. I may just write about him tomoroow, keep watching..