Life in a day

This is a post I wrote for ManipalBlog. It is a bit long, but do read on:

When I close my eyes, I can see all different people in the world from town to town, from country to country. I can see it, I can feel it, I can touch it.

These are the simple words of Okwan Yoon from Korea (he says, it doesn’t matter if it is from South or North Korea)- who is travelling the world on a bicycle. 

If you have been following our facebook updates, you would’ve come across the couple of competitions we had held. We at ManipalBlog asked people to click a photo of their view at 12 noon, from around Asia on July 6th, 2012. Next week, we asked people to send in their photographs of ‘Faces’. We received a few photos across India. Nothing special about them. But when we put them together, something beautiful beyond our regular perception started taking shape. Where the whole was greater than the sum.

Today, I came across the documentary Life In a Day. It is an attempt to capture for the future generations, what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. But without their knowledge, it has morphed into something greater than they ever imagined it to be.

For all future generations Life In a Day will be an insight into the 2010’s, an insight into our culture, our economy and our world. But for the present generations and myself, it is an insight into the very essence of life. It paints a picture of the multitudes living out there, getting through life. A melange of their joys, sorrows, love, hate, fears, cravings, boredom, tears and smiles.

In North Africa, fly smaller than here. And in turkey, smaller fly than here. But this size is same fly in Korea and Japan and China. So I feel very emotional.” says Okhwan Khoon, staring at a fly in his soup (served in Nepal).

Sometimes simple questions and simpler answers when put together can yield profound revelations. To many things unexpected but yearned for.

Whether you love football because it brings the world together, whether you love cleaning, your laptop, keeping your feet in wet sands,  being yourself, life itself or Mamihlapinatapai. Whether you fear snakes, dogs, rats, going out, cultures, losing a loved one or god Himself. Just remember these concluding words of an everyday woman:

I worked all day long.  On a Saturday, yeah I know.The sad part is I spent all day hoping for something amazing to happen, something great, something to appreciate this day, something to be a part of it, something to show that there is something great that can happen everyday in your life, in everyone’s life. But the truth is it doesn’t alway happen, and for me today nothing really happened. I want people to know that I’m here, I don’t wanna cease to exist. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I am this great person because, I am all. I think I am a normal girl, normal life, not interesting enough to know about. But I want to be. And today, eventhough nothing really happened, tonight I feel as if something great happened.

P.S : This movie was initially conceived to commemorate the fifth birthday of YouTube. May be because of that reason, this movie is available free on YouTube. Just watch it here.


Prometheus – A geek’s perspective

Ok, I had nothing better do on Sunday morning, so I saw Prometheus. Read my review for ManipalBlog here. As from any movie, I had taken back a lot of stuff from it-not the usual ones though.

First, I have to address the origins issue. Yes, this movie delves deeply into existential bullshit. The basic thread this movie is weaved about, is the questioning of human existence, its origins. There were few scenes in the movie which did do justice to these tones- a few subtleties.There was this one moment- I paraphrase Noomi Rapace : ..and what if we know who made us? We will then want to know who made them.  There isn’t really an end to it, is there? I mean, finding the purpose of your existence and your creation is one thing. What then? Will the quest for the purpose of your creator begin? Does this really stop somewhere? Or is it a circle?  It is in my belief that the very questioning of our existence is what keeps us going. Once we find an answer to that, either our journey ends there and life is doomed, or it is but a beginning of another quest. It is weird that the very thing we are seeking is sustained by the act of seeking it.

Moving on, there are a lot of casual assumptions the movie has made. To most people, they are trivial and don’t even matter. But to an engineer like me, well. Coming to the point – Continue reading “Prometheus – A geek’s perspective”

I write.Period.


I have to write. It makes me feel good, it gives me liberation. Sometimes, I strive to present my thoughts in its simplest of forms, as I believe in the very simplicity lies pure meaning. I constantly try to fight the environmental impressions my mind has captured as wet cement. I hope they don’t influence my writing. I hope, I am able to express my soul just as how it expresses itself to me, just as how it makes me alive. I try to banish the tiny constant monster in a corner of my heart which pulls me down, which reminds me of public opinion, ridicule. I try to tell myself that I write for myself and no-one else. I try to suppress all inhibitions, but I also realize the more I suppress these, the more they rise back. It has taken a lot of time for it to dawn upon me that the secret is, to let go, to break free. To not be influenced by anything, to keep my writing as pure an expression of me, is my sole purpose. Hereby, I present to you my simplest article.

>Happy, and a purposeful 2011!


   Even as I’m sitting here on my bed right now, there is a generous dose of ‘kuthu‘ music that is throbbing all    over our apartment, with people dancing and all. For long, i’ve not been as much a fan of this kind of celebration, crazy dancing and shouting out and what not. What’s the point?

       Ok, a year has passed by, we might as well dedicate this one eve, or at least a part of it, to sit in peace and think about how the year went, how we reacted to what it gave us, what changes we would like to see in us the next year, how we would make our life more cooler and exciting. This would make things more clearer, more lighter, we can then wake up to the new year with a new sense of being.

“…..merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
 life is but a dream.”
 Have lofty dreams this new year, and here’s wishing, you fulfill them and have a fun and purposeful year ahead.
HAPPY 2011!!

>Feels like HOME

>Holidays at last. Feels like fresh air.Being back to where i belong (Chennai, by the way), nothing much has really changed, the same rude auto drivers, the same nosy neighbor who wants to know the details upto the quality of rice in my hostel food, the same old watchman dozing over his seat, and the same old loving parents hugging me as tight as ever. Except that now, everything seems more lovely, more longed for, more homely.Everything seems more ,  RIGHT.

>Life’s changed.

>Well well well, here i am. After two months of getting adjusted, getting settled and all, here i am in a peaceful corner of our college library, finding some time to write at last. Relaxing in these cosy seats, when i look back, I can’t believe so much has changed over the past two months, the place, the people, life in itself has taken a paradigm shift, and most of them were those I dint expect- not in the least.
      Especially, to come to a place containing people who largely differ from your views , way of life and all, it surely is a real CHANGE which’l get some time to get used to; this new independence, friends, boarding life, will all form a part of what i’ll become years down the line I guess.And yeah, there are a plethora of things i’m itching to share about my college, but for that keep watching this space….

>Those days

>Alas! Those days are all over,
before i even knew it!
But as ‘The script’ said,
a time has to come
when every bird has to fly.
A time has to come
when every rose has to die.
Those days,
those days of untold excitement and hero worship,
those days of taking the test and then
learning the lesson,
as it is always in life.
Those days of soul searching,
..of looking within,
to look outside later.
Those days of evading the harsh truth
slapping on your face:
that every second,
moments are turning into memories.
Those days..of having a good feeling,
of reaching home dead- tired after tuition
and the inexplicable satisfaction it gave,
something i sorely miss now.
and yes!..
Those days of waiting in the bus stop,
listening to strangers’ conversations to keep ourselves busy.
Those days.. of planning what to study next day,
and not doing even one half of it!..then
the resentment and the promises..unfulfilled to the present day.
Those days of a childish arrogance,
a carefree attitude,
we knew…
..we knew we would make a difference.
Those days of basketball under the hot sun,
the ‘dead’ class next period,
the teacher cribbing…
The siestas in physics class,
the games we played in english class.
Those days of banging ourselves for,
the silly mistakes we made in the exam
and then,
consoling each other..
calling each other,names.
Those days..
..those days we discussed our exciting careers,
we knew..
..we knew we would part ways,
but we held on to the moment-
as hard as we could.
Those days of being inspired,
being unfulfilled,
being anxious,
being content,
those days will never die!
Alas! Those days are over,
before i even knew it!