>Those days

>Alas! Those days are all over,
before i even knew it!
But as ‘The script’ said,
a time has to come
when every bird has to fly.
A time has to come
when every rose has to die.
Those days,
those days of untold excitement and hero worship,
those days of taking the test and then
learning the lesson,
as it is always in life.
Those days of soul searching,
..of looking within,
to look outside later.
Those days of evading the harsh truth
slapping on your face:
that every second,
moments are turning into memories.
Those days..of having a good feeling,
of reaching home dead- tired after tuition
and the inexplicable satisfaction it gave,
something i sorely miss now.
and yes!..
Those days of waiting in the bus stop,
listening to strangers’ conversations to keep ourselves busy.
Those days.. of planning what to study next day,
and not doing even one half of it!..then
the resentment and the promises..unfulfilled to the present day.
Those days of a childish arrogance,
a carefree attitude,
we knew…
..we knew we would make a difference.
Those days of basketball under the hot sun,
the ‘dead’ class next period,
the teacher cribbing…
The siestas in physics class,
the games we played in english class.
Those days of banging ourselves for,
the silly mistakes we made in the exam
and then,
consoling each other..
calling each other,names.
Those days..
..those days we discussed our exciting careers,
we knew..
..we knew we would part ways,
but we held on to the moment-
as hard as we could.
Those days of being inspired,
being unfulfilled,
being anxious,
being content,
those days will never die!
Alas! Those days are over,
before i even knew it!