>Myriad mornings

>This one follows my previous post, couldn’t resist uploading them. Especially after a basketball game when you have nothing to do (or rather no strength left), this is what happens.

The colours of sunrise, again taken from my room .

>Myriad mornings

>It’s probably a long time since I posted some pictures from my hostel and all, so this one’s for you.

The morning of Manipal, as seen from our hostel room, the room with the view. *wink*

Aand the sunrise..

I agree the view is pretty amazing on the 7th floor, but after a while it just loses charm,  the other side of the story though, is something you should all know- valley facing can mean only one thing! INSECTS!
Unless you are a forensic entomologist and want to analyse something like this for the FBI or something, its divinely forbidden to open the window in the evenings. I know I’ve gone through this already (the manipal bug) but you can’t really help it when new types of indigenous species make it through your netlon everyday. Never mind.Just in case you are interested in seeing some samples(read ‘being a dork’), contact me (before I push it through the opposite door *smirk*)