>The Tourist- review


Although, I saw the movie in a theater which was blah, a picturesque opening scene in Paris with a beauuutiful woman sipping tea in a cafe sure looks inviting (especially if the woman happens to be Anjelina Jolie) .This romantic, thriller flick filmed in the artistic alleys of Venice is directed by Florian Henckel  von  Donnersmarck.                                                               The casting looks immaculate, with both Jolie and Depp perfect for their respective roles. Johny Depp is brilliant as Frank,  the innocent tourist travelling to Venice to mend his broken heart, and Jolie looks tailor-made as this femme fatale Elise who is a mysterious agent, and also the ex lover of  Alexander Pierce, the most wanted criminal. The movie has a simple plot, and the pace picks up in the second half of the movie. Though the movie is  stylish, “The perfect trip, The perfect trap”- it is not all that perfect, for it gets predictable at times, and the climax is something you can guess. Nevertheless, The Tourist has it’s share of humor and glamour. However, on the whole there was that flair missing in the movie, but overall it is a decent entertainer.
Bottomline : Beautiful, predictable. 60% style, 40% substance.
IMDb rating: 6.0/10


>Hi all!!..here’s my review(which im writing on public demand :P) of the spanish film ‘Kites’, ok wait a min- they call it a hindi flick rite? fine! which stars Las Vegas and Mexico..oops! sry, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori…first things first, if you are looking for the story in this review, u wont find it.why? a) theres hardly one, and b) umm….make it up yrself…ok, this one’s about two poor corny cons who ditch their fiances and fall in love wid each other and elope and the latter part of the movie is all about the chase which goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and..(so u think YOU r sick of it?!)., you know the ones weve seen in the good ol’ rajinkanth movies wer the ‘super’hero drives a ‘super’car (which turns out more or less to be a doubly dented stupid car which is fixed on 5th gear) and can become a doctor who can stich wounds single handedly (not joking, this happens in the movie!) accompanied by a ‘super’woman who can bear these stichings without anaesthaesia (mayb she faints at his ‘super’abilities) and wait! tats not it , she can also jump in and out of lorries and out and into fast moving cars (did i mention, hot air baloons too)…wen the movie ended (finally!) i was lik, huh?! tats it? ok bye..nevertheless lemme tellya, the narration was gud, in the sense tat it kept moving back and forth in time and at least was not monotonous..and MAN Hrithik can dance, wow!..so if you really missed going to Las Vegas and Mexico this summer vacation, or you really had a tiring day and wanna take rest (doze) in the comfy seats of a theatre, i say go for ‘Kites’ !!