My current life in five words







Some unavoidable truths

The inevitable in every guy’s homecoming life. The haircut.

Some unavoidable truths
Some unavoidable truths

Also, I think I might die soon, looking where Chennai is going.


I write.Period.


I have to write. It makes me feel good, it gives me liberation. Sometimes, I strive to present my thoughts in its simplest of forms, as I believe in the very simplicity lies pure meaning. I constantly try to fight the environmental impressions my mind has captured as wet cement. I hope they don’t influence my writing. I hope, I am able to express my soul just as how it expresses itself to me, just as how it makes me alive. I try to banish the tiny constant monster in a corner of my heart which pulls me down, which reminds me of public opinion, ridicule. I try to tell myself that I write for myself and no-one else. I try to suppress all inhibitions, but I also realize the more I suppress these, the more they rise back. It has taken a lot of time for it to dawn upon me that the secret is, to let go, to break free. To not be influenced by anything, to keep my writing as pure an expression of me, is my sole purpose. Hereby, I present to you my simplest article.

Hail freedom! **Suckiness applied


Aaah! The feeling you get after exams, resting back, sinking into the pillow, with occasional sips of pepsi. You can give anything for it, even exams! But monotony has quite started to creep into my after-exam-aweomeness-routine, and I just realised I’ve got to do something about it. Let me just take you through what happens:

 Scene 1- the struggle:
after coming out of the last exam
You are hoping against hope that your last exam ends with a flourish, because         otherwise you know you have no frigging reason to party,  like you worked hard for the exams! Aand, the obvious would happen. It will turn out be epic. Epicly dumb.Always. The class topper will come to you and correctly  point out the lamest mistake in your paper, and in not much time you would searching for walls to bang your head on.
Scene 2-the freedom:
You reach the hostel, tired, sleepy (remember you have not slept properly for the    past three days). First thing you do (I do) is slump on to the pillow, with the laptop. The life. NOW its time to do ALL the things you have been fantasising about, during the time you were supposed to be studying. Great. But immediately? No. Why does the word procrastination seem so familiar now? By the time you figure ou…*zzzzz*

Scene 3- the suckiness:    
*Tom and jerry soundtrack*(yes, my ringtone) wakes you up with a start. “Come  fast!!!” It’s your friend calling you for the post-exam pizza party. You think twice, and then you agree- a repercussion of your joblessness.
(Cut to friends room)
The smell of Origano kills you as you enter. But as you take one bite, two , three…you grow out of the taste and the mayo tends to get annoying. Full as you are, you come back to your room ,rue about wasting cash, open the laptop again, and write a sucky blog post. Hail Freedom!

>Benji v11.02- The making of a mascot


Now and then, it may feel hectic, when your routine suddenly changes from almost nothingness to one which keeps you occupied every second, not to mention skipped meals, and exhaustion, but  being a person who finds contentment in the having something purposeful to do, all day long, even if it means losing sleep over a project, getting superglue stuck to your hands/pants, et al (sweet pain?), a group of like minded friends and myself were upto the task of making the mascot for this upcoming string of events, we call techweekend v11.02.
The idea of an actual mascot was something which just flashed past, nothing we really thought hard about, but it were these subtle but palpable things, which happened to catch the people’s (and our organiser’s attention). These silly propsals not being enough, we decided to call the mascot, ‘benji’ after Benjamin Franklin whose kite forms the symbol of our organistion- IEEE (this). Before it actually got to us that our ‘benji’ is going to be a reality, we found ourselves collecting pvc pipes/scrap from the workshop. After rows of sleepless nights, brainstorming, and waiting for the shop to open on a sunday morning, this is what we managed to muster:

At the end of the day we really are thankful to our food court’s coffee, the organisers liked it! The feeling of seeing your creation alive and awesome, is truly exhilarating, I should say. But wait, they want us to make another big one! Dear sleep, good night to you.