Malachai – Snowflake : FIFA 11

Snowflake by Malachai is one of the best songs of FIFA 11, and a nice song otherwise too.

P.S : What’s with the monkey mask? At times I feel Paradise took inspiration from them (whose video is mediocre by the way). Nice lyrics.

P.P.S: Dang! When I listen to this song all I can think of is FIFA 11.


The real Dilbert – a devout desire.


I saw this somewhere, the other day: If I were to bring one fictional character to life for a day, which one would it be, what would I do? Tough one. I thought, and thought about it.Since, it is impossible to narrow down to a few, I’ll stick with comics. Me being me, a long and nostalgic trip down memory lane was inevitable. One by one as they flashed by, the days we’ll ever cherish of all the wonderful comics I have read, looked up to, admired and enjoyed. After all, who wouldn’t want those awesome days back, that lazy sunday morning comic marathon, or that get together with friends, laughing your heart out at some cheap comics.

   It was a Sophie’s choice. However, since I happened to be an engineer, the one which I enjoy most and will enjoy most are Dilbert comics. And undoubtedly, he would be the one character I would bring alive for a day. For those of you who don’t know, Dilbert is the brainchild of Scott Adams, and this comics revolves around an engineer’s everyday chronicles in his workplace.It brilliantly depicts the problems faced by an engineer in everyday life, about the idio-syncracies of the lay person and how he tackles them.
Here’s one of his many cool comic strips, once you catch on to them, you will become a fan of Scott Adams too!

P.S. The one that almost made it would definitely be Calvin and Hobbes! Bill Watterson is definitely my hero, the panache and wit in the comics, will make you an instant fan. I may just write about him tomoroow, keep watching..

Hail freedom! **Suckiness applied


Aaah! The feeling you get after exams, resting back, sinking into the pillow, with occasional sips of pepsi. You can give anything for it, even exams! But monotony has quite started to creep into my after-exam-aweomeness-routine, and I just realised I’ve got to do something about it. Let me just take you through what happens:

 Scene 1- the struggle:
after coming out of the last exam
You are hoping against hope that your last exam ends with a flourish, because         otherwise you know you have no frigging reason to party,  like you worked hard for the exams! Aand, the obvious would happen. It will turn out be epic. Epicly dumb.Always. The class topper will come to you and correctly  point out the lamest mistake in your paper, and in not much time you would searching for walls to bang your head on.
Scene 2-the freedom:
You reach the hostel, tired, sleepy (remember you have not slept properly for the    past three days). First thing you do (I do) is slump on to the pillow, with the laptop. The life. NOW its time to do ALL the things you have been fantasising about, during the time you were supposed to be studying. Great. But immediately? No. Why does the word procrastination seem so familiar now? By the time you figure ou…*zzzzz*

Scene 3- the suckiness:    
*Tom and jerry soundtrack*(yes, my ringtone) wakes you up with a start. “Come  fast!!!” It’s your friend calling you for the post-exam pizza party. You think twice, and then you agree- a repercussion of your joblessness.
(Cut to friends room)
The smell of Origano kills you as you enter. But as you take one bite, two , three…you grow out of the taste and the mayo tends to get annoying. Full as you are, you come back to your room ,rue about wasting cash, open the laptop again, and write a sucky blog post. Hail Freedom!

My Predica(mera)ment- How to really judge your phone camera


For those who own a camera phones, at least once you would have cribbed about the suckiness of your phone camera, though it has quite reasonable “Mp’s”. Especially when you roam around with a friend who owns an i-Phone, with a camera of the same megapixels, you can’t help but notice the vast difference in the quality of images!

Photo taken from Droid
 This made me really curious (apart from making me envious), I wanted get around this damn thing, know what was the problem. That too being a person who claims to love photography, I naively chose my phone camera based on the no of mega pixels it clicks. Today, I learnt, why I shouldn’t have done so.
Cameras are way more complex than a Megapixel rating. The MP rating just tells you how many mega pixels the camera captures in an image. But what it doesn’t tell you is how accurately each pixel is sampled. This is determined by the quality and size of the camera sensors. Ultimately (and unfortunately, for me)  this is what determines the quality of an image. 
Photo taken from the i-Phone 4
Besides this, you might also want to look for proper focus. This is another major factor, without which you can’t capture clear images eventhough you try hard and focus manually.
For example, consider these two images taken from the Droid 2 and the i-phone 4 (these are not my friend’s and my cameras but for authentic results, these pictures were pimped from Google Images) The two pictures were taken under the same lighting conditions, and to a large extent the same focus:

The result as you can see is the Droid phone not able to capture as much light as the i-Phone, coupled with its inability to focus inaccurately.But anyways remember the saying: “The best camera is the one that’s with you”, but in case you forget, at least remember to check out the Flickr camera page, it might come of some help.

>The world IS flat!

>Ever wondered why the freshmen of colleges are drilled to death by a subject called engineering drawing? Ever wondered why in the age of google sketch-up’s people have to sit and draw perfect grids with lines of 4 different darknesses?!

Blame it on us. No! Its not an intentional folly we are to be shamed of, what I mean is, blame it on the perception of the human eye, since the days of yore. If we humans had not been able to see in three dimensions, the world would have been something else ( a circle for starters).Coming to think of it, we do not really see in three dimensions at all! Our eye obtains a two dimensional picture, and then based on our daily experiences of distances, the brain does the math. That is, figures out that if an object diminishes by this size, it is this far away. And when you have been doing something all your life, it dies hard, for instance:

Try picturing this in 2D.
Means, picture the entire thing as a set of inclined/horizontal/vertical lines. There should be no cube staring out at you. Tough! This is because of the conditioning. Our eye has been perceiving a cube- a 3D object as a set of lines shown here- a 2D object. This happens ALL the time. So when we actually see a 2D object with the above kind of orientation, all we can think of is a cube.And engineering drawing is all about creating the perfect set of patterns which invokes the brain to conjure up the actual three dimensional object.Talk about man having problems because of not seeing things the way they are, gee.

>The bonda day

>I love it when one of the days you hadn’t planned to be good, turns out a pleasant surprise. Especially when all you’d been doing at home was hatching eggs-watching sitcoms and staying hooked to Assassin’s creed. I had to accompany my mom to an office place for a couple of hours after which we had thought about hanging out.But it seemed like there was teeny change in plan.With grumpiness all around the office (the guy looked at me as if I had come to rob a bank), you can’t really blame me for making an escape!
       Instead of staring at my laptop, and feeling like an idiot in a place where I din’t fit in, here I was on the road, enjoying the soft shower and the breeze. The best part of all this was the aimless walking, just wandering around without knowing where to go. One of my friends, told me not to get lost. Ha! It was then I realized, even if I wanted to, I COULD’NT have! I had to be going SOMEWHERE, if I don’t know where, well, then where would I get lost?
   Exhaustion started to seep in after hours of  going around , purchasing novel’s from Moore Market (a shop in Chennai selling second hand books, which is for the record, more awesome than Landmark and Crossword). Lots of time left, tired, stomach making noises, nowhere to go. NOW, what. I did the obvious, went to a restaurant. Don’t ask me why I took an hour to eat a plate of  suda suda bonda (this is what I’m talking about) -it would look reasonable to you when you are jobless enough (inspite of the waiter looking at you like you’re the spy sent by Russia). Ok. Stomach satisfied. Enough of joblessness for a day. Time to call mom. Eagerly she picks up the phone and says : My work’s over! Let’s go eat something, say, bondas.

>Fringe benefits of failure-J.K.Rowling

>Here is a nice talk by J.K.Rowling, I found on ted. This was the Harvard commencement speech of 2008.
Hear her out:

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement .

All the people who want transcripts, since it is too long to post it in my blog, I’ll give you the link: Click here