>Wait. Before you think this is some lame emotional feeling one gets in Manipal, you aren’t even remotely close. What im freaking talking about here is about a deadly mysterious so called ‘bug’ (in the literal sense of the word) which is apparently gives us hostellites the jitters. Of course you might ask, why i decided to sit next to the window in the night and blog about a stupid bug instead of arming myself with defense tools (yeah, its that deadly…and by defense tools i meant a bottle of HIT). But to cut a long story short, my roommate got a nasty scar on his neck which hasn’t gone for months, and one of my good friends got kissed by the bug ( by that I mean, the bite was not as bad as my roomate’s) ;coming back to the point,  get ready, because the mysteries behind the MANIPAL BUG are now about to be unveiled! (claps please) .

First of all, this neither has anything to do with manipal nor anything to do with a bug! This lethal insect is called ‘The Blister Beetle’ that belongs to the paederus genus ( if you dint get the genus part, never mind, neither did I). So….tadaaa!:

This bug becomes active in the first two to three months of rainfall (It rains throughout the year here, which are the FIRST three?! So assume it is eternally active). The Blister Beetle does not bite, as the usual conception goes ( Initially, I could’nt believe this either). The body of the beetle as a vesicant or an irritant, which when comes in contact with the skin, leaves behind a mark that is similiar to a burn mark. In technical terms, a linear pattern inflammation, redness, burning sensation, and a pain similiar to a patch of burnt skin are the most obvious ways of identifying a blister bee lesion.

  The best part, this manipal bug is very attracted to light and is most commonly found in your BED! So next time you hit the sack, roll over the bed, and nicely give the bug a body slam, be careful, you might just end up scar(r)ing yourself the following morning.BEWARE.


>Life’s changed.

>Well well well, here i am. After two months of getting adjusted, getting settled and all, here i am in a peaceful corner of our college library, finding some time to write at last. Relaxing in these cosy seats, when i look back, I can’t believe so much has changed over the past two months, the place, the people, life in itself has taken a paradigm shift, and most of them were those I dint expect- not in the least.
      Especially, to come to a place containing people who largely differ from your views , way of life and all, it surely is a real CHANGE which’l get some time to get used to; this new independence, friends, boarding life, will all form a part of what i’ll become years down the line I guess.And yeah, there are a plethora of things i’m itching to share about my college, but for that keep watching this space….


>Hi all!!..here’s my review(which im writing on public demand :P) of the spanish film ‘Kites’, ok wait a min- they call it a hindi flick rite? fine! which stars Las Vegas and Mexico..oops! sry, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori…first things first, if you are looking for the story in this review, u wont find it.why? a) theres hardly one, and b) umm….make it up yrself…ok, this one’s about two poor corny cons who ditch their fiances and fall in love wid each other and elope and the latter part of the movie is all about the chase which goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and..(so u think YOU r sick of it?!)., you know the ones weve seen in the good ol’ rajinkanth movies wer the ‘super’hero drives a ‘super’car (which turns out more or less to be a doubly dented stupid car which is fixed on 5th gear) and can become a doctor who can stich wounds single handedly (not joking, this happens in the movie!) accompanied by a ‘super’woman who can bear these stichings without anaesthaesia (mayb she faints at his ‘super’abilities) and wait! tats not it , she can also jump in and out of lorries and out and into fast moving cars (did i mention, hot air baloons too)…wen the movie ended (finally!) i was lik, huh?! tats it? ok bye..nevertheless lemme tellya, the narration was gud, in the sense tat it kept moving back and forth in time and at least was not monotonous..and MAN Hrithik can dance, wow!..so if you really missed going to Las Vegas and Mexico this summer vacation, or you really had a tiring day and wanna take rest (doze) in the comfy seats of a theatre, i say go for ‘Kites’ !!

>The blank canvas

>Am staring at a blank canvas right now,
ready to be painted,
in all its seemingly beautiful colours.
As an outcome of my transfixed gaze,
appears the quintessential question..
which colour should i choose?
my mind says blue
and my heart says green…
which stroke should i use?
what combo should i choose?
I dunno the answer to any of these…
but i know one thing for sure,
that whatever i do,
it’ll be,different..
the first one of its kind.
it’ll be,what no one in the world,
has ever done before.
it’ll be,what people will follow,
in years to come.
it’ll be,what they call,
standing out in the crowd.
I’ve heard some people say,
that there are
only two kinds in this world:
some,who leave a MARK
and others,
who leave a STAIN.
So lets leave a mark, people..
let’s leave a mark,
on the canvas of LIFE.

>Those days

>Alas! Those days are all over,
before i even knew it!
But as ‘The script’ said,
a time has to come
when every bird has to fly.
A time has to come
when every rose has to die.
Those days,
those days of untold excitement and hero worship,
those days of taking the test and then
learning the lesson,
as it is always in life.
Those days of soul searching,
..of looking within,
to look outside later.
Those days of evading the harsh truth
slapping on your face:
that every second,
moments are turning into memories.
Those days..of having a good feeling,
of reaching home dead- tired after tuition
and the inexplicable satisfaction it gave,
something i sorely miss now.
and yes!..
Those days of waiting in the bus stop,
listening to strangers’ conversations to keep ourselves busy.
Those days.. of planning what to study next day,
and not doing even one half of it!..then
the resentment and the promises..unfulfilled to the present day.
Those days of a childish arrogance,
a carefree attitude,
we knew…
..we knew we would make a difference.
Those days of basketball under the hot sun,
the ‘dead’ class next period,
the teacher cribbing…
The siestas in physics class,
the games we played in english class.
Those days of banging ourselves for,
the silly mistakes we made in the exam
and then,
consoling each other..
calling each other,names.
Those days..
..those days we discussed our exciting careers,
we knew..
..we knew we would part ways,
but we held on to the moment-
as hard as we could.
Those days of being inspired,
being unfulfilled,
being anxious,
being content,
those days will never die!
Alas! Those days are over,
before i even knew it!


>stoday,I was returning from my iit classes, in the night.
It was drizzling and the atmosphere was so awesome – it was bliss…the trees bowed one after the other as if to their eternal master, the rain drops gracefully made a landing ..the sound was pleasing.
As i entered my compound,Iwas thinking about the football match, between germany and turkey..about the crowd…about the flashing lights when the winning team would win..but only then i realized that i was staring at the water droplets falling on the puddle under the lamplight!

>One fine morning

>one fine morning ,…i wake up,
hoping to study something useful,
I opened my book.
But my eyes were focused on the diamonds ,
glistening on the tiny buds and bloodshot flowers,
I was staring out of the window..
I was staring at the crystal blue sky,
the paradise for a lonely bird..
i sat there engrossed in the melodies of the birds,
and pondered about their mesmerising voice…
at the end of the day, I wonder,
Have I studied something useful?