Prometheus – A geek’s perspective

Ok, I had nothing better do on Sunday morning, so I saw Prometheus. Read my review for ManipalBlog here. As from any movie, I had taken back a lot of stuff from it-not the usual ones though.

First, I have to address the origins issue. Yes, this movie delves deeply into existential bullshit. The basic thread this movie is weaved about, is the questioning of human existence, its origins. There were few scenes in the movie which did do justice to these tones- a few subtleties.There was this one moment- I paraphrase Noomi Rapace : ..and what if we know who made us? We will then want to know who made them.  There isn’t really an end to it, is there? I mean, finding the purpose of your existence and your creation is one thing. What then? Will the quest for the purpose of your creator begin? Does this really stop somewhere? Or is it a circle?  It is in my belief that the very questioning of our existence is what keeps us going. Once we find an answer to that, either our journey ends there and life is doomed, or it is but a beginning of another quest. It is weird that the very thing we are seeking is sustained by the act of seeking it.

Moving on, there are a lot of casual assumptions the movie has made. To most people, they are trivial and don’t even matter. But to an engineer like me, well. Coming to the point – Continue reading “Prometheus – A geek’s perspective”